Just as people are on a schedule try to keep

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Just as people are on a schedule try to keep

Post  zxc123 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:34 am

Just as people are on a schedule try to keep your dog on one as well. By doing this your dog will have much more success as you are following a set schedule. In fact your pet will actually look forward to this way of doing cheap air max . When you do not follow structure the chances for success go down. Dog training is something that takes time and you must understand that. The key is too not give up even if you do not see success right away. Each dog learns at their own pace. Some will grasp it very quickly, while others it could take some time. The key is you must not become frustrated with the results of your pets failures. Keeping plugging away and success will come to you and your pet.

Do not have multiple people trying to train your dog. This confuses your dog and the chances for success will go way down. They will not know who to listen to, and the chances of the training taking hold also are not very good. Yelling or air max 2011 the dog is something you must avoid at all times. Many people think that yelling at a dog will work, but that is just not the truth. Just like anyone else, yelling really does not accomplish anything. Working and praising your pet will get you much further than berating your dog or puppy.

The next time you get the chance watch your dog at play. The simple act of running, jumping and chasing his tail brings him such pleasure. A pat on the head or having his stomach or ears scratched will send him into the air max 2012 of ecstasy. Such simple things in life and your canine friend takes such sheer joy and pleasure it in. We too should learn to enjoy the simple things in life. A beautiful sunset, a perfect rose or that canine friend who lays by feet while we read a book. When you get that new puppy the first thing you do is begin teaching him. You teach him to sit, stay, and come, you teach him not to chew on air max 24-7 and where to go to the bathroom. What you don't realize is the entire time you think you are teaching your dog all these great things your dog is teaching you as well. Sharing you home and life with a dog is sharing a learning experience as well. Here are some things that you can learn from your dog.

What dog owner has opened the door to be greeted by a thumping tail and excited bark or a wet doggy kiss. No matter what harsh word you may have said to him before you left the house your dog is always there for you shape ups mbt shoes his love with open affection ready, willing and able to show you that he takes great joy and comfort in being with those he loves. Offer Comfort With Actions Not Words Have you ever tried to ignore that canine companion when he doesn't want to be ignored. Dogs have a very effective way of making their presence felt and getting attention. And he can do it without barking or growling at you. All he needs to do is sit in front of you with his eyes fixed on your face. He makes his nike shox deliver felt simply by expecting to receive your attention.
How many times when you have been feeling blue, when you feel sad or simply tired and worn out has your dog come and gently nuzzled your hand or laid his head upon your knee and offered his comfort silently letting you know he cares and that he is there for you. Actions often speak louder than words and your dogs silent reebok zigtech[/i][/b] and understanding of your feelings always make you feel better and less alone. Dogs have a way of opening our eyes, hearts and minds to the world around us. They have a way of bringing us into their world and joining us in ours. They make us laugh, share our sadness and demonstrate unwavering love and loyalty. You


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