Directly - KS and it's bugged or you can't read?

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Directly - KS and it's bugged or you can't read?

Post  Greem on Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:14 pm

Hello, hello, hello there folks!
First I want to line that my topic is in the Discussion chapter cos that IS NOT a bug report or something NONONO!
I was banned for using KS and you know... you're cookin', aye YOU ARE cos I was slowed by a GM and without even an explain HOW EXACLY is the KS bugged he banned me when after I whispered him to explain like a grown man instead of loling, slowing me and rude at me and such.. how's the KS bugged at all?!
There wasn't anything like "Hello. I am Game Master Imgonnabanunowlololololol. I should warn you that using a Killing Spree in Terra is bannable cos it's bug is: blqblqlblqlbqlblq. Thanks and HF (or something)"
Nvm that I made a new acc. and asked a GM called Oblivion. He guesses it's bannable cos it's bug is actually that while used you are poping up to a single target 5 times if there's noone at the range you need to popup 5 targets each-once. Well... LHAW READ THAT ----> Thanks!
Also a RETAIL Movie showing the same dmg, effect, even an animation of the killing spree - RETAIL! (so it's not bugged QQ moar noobs Very Happy) IT'S FUN WOOOHOOOOOOO
Thanks for everything respond me as a grown man GMs and such I don't give a shit at all I'm just shocked how missunderstand is that... and... from the GMs... cmon how did u become a GM o0

(I'm rly sorry for my bad English skills. And it's still better of some of the GMs Very Happy haha...)

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