Server updated!

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Server updated!

Post  Soulslayer on Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:23 pm

Server is updated and here is a list of what is done:

* All starting Items and Skills / Spells updated for 2.4.3
* Fixes needed for OPvP (World PvP)
* UDB loot bug removed
* Shattered Sun Offensive quest relations fixed for use with world events
* All triggers *SHOULD* be invisible / have proper model in GM mode
* Battle Ground holiday support added
* Complete Heroic support (Linking / Stats / Loot / (some) Spawn updates) for:
o Arcatraz
o Auchenai Crypts
o Blood Furnace
o Hellfire Ramparts
o Mana Tombs
o Mechanar
o Old Hillsbrad Foothills
o Sethekk Halls
o Shadow Labyrinth
o Slave Pens
o Steamvault
o Underbog
* Heroic support (Linking / Loot -- stats incomplete for now)
o Botanica
o Black Morass
o Magister's Terrace
o Shattered Halls

* LOTS of other little fixes
* Some fixes from forum
* UDB Update Pack 363 (with some mods for Trinity)
o Better Midsummer Fire Festival spawns
o Lots of missing game object loots
o Some WDB updates for GOs / Items

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